We want to give you, and your team, tools to reach new followers of Jesus, first time guests that visit your fellowship, and the ability to thank people who regularly attend your fellowship. Amen!

Here is the link to our booklet written for churches to do follow up of new believers, and guests. Our booklet also contains phone scripts to bless church members by thanking them for being a part of your church family.

Sadly, many churches don’t follow up on the people who have given their lives to Christ, or their first time guests. It’s time to change this! We can make a difference in Jesus’s name!

Feel free to download our booklet using this link. Feel free to share this link with others. Please, never charge anyone for this material. Freely get, freely give. Amen!

Click this: Booklet Download to download the booklet material. Be blessed!

“Changing the World, One Church at a Time