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Posted prayer requests

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Church of Christ will hold a musical concert on July 1st. Proceeds of the said event is for their Pastoral House project. Please pray for the success of the event and more donors for the said project. For more information, please feel free to email me at beth@joflo.org. Thank you and may God bless us all!

Santiago Church of Christ in Santiago City, Isabela is in need of a Senior Pastor. please help us pray that God will send for an annointed man of God to lead the church.

My Father In Law Andres M.San Gabriel joined our creator last May 21,2023 Philippine Time.Please pray for encouragement,comfort and peace for our Family especially my Mother In Law Ginia San Gabriel and all Family Members Ebong,Rizza and my Wife Ria. May our Good and Gracious Lord welcome Daddy Andy with Open arms.God Bless

Praise report: Praise for people who prayed and showed support during this time of grieving and remembering.

please pray for my husband’s family. they just lost their eldest brother who died of diabetes and other complications. we pray that his wife and children will come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Big Time Praise Report! – A very close friend has been healed of cancer! He has had a 3 year life and death battle with lymphoma. God has permitted him to live! God has not just permitted life, He has allowed my friend to thrive! To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for Santiago City Church of Christ that we can purchase lot 15 & 16 additional 160 sq. meters for our church

Please pray for Samar Christian Church, headed by Pastor Elroy Abquina.. pray for more souls to be reaped and more leaders to stand and help in the evangelism. Pray that I will be able to visit the church also, in june or july, Lord willing..

Praise report! 12 new churches in the Philippines have adapted the heart4followup.com material so they can effectively mentor/coach new believers in Jesus. Amen! Please keep these folks in your prayers. 🙂

I’d like to post a prayer request for my good friend and co-worker Brenda Flores. My prayer request is for God to heal her of cancer. I’m praying Brenda will make it until the church is taken up and we meet Jesus in the air! Brenda has a rare form of cancer. Doctors gave her 6 months to live. Three years later Brenda is still with us! Amen! Brenda knows Jesus as her savior. She is a strong believer. Please join Brenda in fighting this cancer thru prayer. Thank you!

Update from Brenda: Thank you, God gives me strength to fight and continue with a fairly normal life. I am sure he is using my road to help others. In the last 3 years he has taught me to have a faith like I’ve never felt before. I do not worry, I do not stop living, and when I put it in his hands, it really is in his hands. I know I am still here because so many are praying for me, I thank you and ask that you please continue having me in prayer. The last diagnosis was that I would be gone in no longer than 4 months, and that diagnosis was almost a year now. Doctors are amazed how well I look and how long I’m still alive, and I say, it’s my lords hand at work.

Hi Brenda, you are in my prayers. Wishing you strength and health.

Hi Brenda, We are praying for you. “Lord please give Brenda the strength and peace that she needs to overcome any obstacle during this time of healing” In Jesus name We pray!!!

Please pray for Pastor Castro in Reno, Nevada. He’s been going thru severe back pain lately. Please pray that God will completely restore his body. Thank you.

Hi prayer warriors! I’m requesting prayer for our church’s worship team. Our worship leader has informed us she has strep throat. My wife is on the worship team as well. She has a sore throat and will not be able to sing this Sunday. Please pray God will heal our singers.

Praise Report: Prayers answered!

I’m requesting prayer for a church in Los Banos, Ca., which sponsors a christian school on the same campus. I’m praying this church and school will continue to be led by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord please bless them spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. Bless everything they set their hands onto in Jesus name! Amen, Amen, and Amen!

I’m requesting prayer for Lighthouse Sanctuary Church in Cavite, Philippines. This church is organizing an outreach team to let people know about a relationship with Jesus Christ. A followup team has also been created to reach out to new believers in Christ so they can be mentored. Thank you for your prayers! Amen!

please pray for me and my husband for our trip on Friday night to Santiago, Isabela. this weekend we’re going to visit 4churches, one of which is going to celebrate its 1st anniversary. praise God i was able to solicit 50pcs of Gideon’s New Testaments in English and Tagalog versions. we’ll just pack them well and tie with plastic straws to be safe. Thank you for your support and prayers!

Praise report: Thanking God for His protection on our first trip last February. Although I got sick when we returned home, God made me well after a couple of days rest. Praise God for all His blessings!

I’d like to request prayer for Victory Outreach in San Jose, Ca. This church will be doing an outreach called, “Smoke & Mirrors” which will be a live on stage 4 part series on March 10th, 17th, 24th, and ending on March 31. It’s free admission! Please pray that hearts will be touched, people delivered from their sin, and lives changed! If you wish more information about this outreach contact them at VOSJ.ORG. Thank you for your prayers!

Hello all!

Please speak blessing prayers over the ministry “Missionaries to Ministers” which is lead by Shane Couch, and his wife Marty. They spoke at our church today with a very inspiring message. This ministry ministers to ministers. Often times ministers have no one they can turn to when they themselves are facing issues in their personal lives. Amen for the fact that this ministry looks after the people who are ministering to others. Please keep this ministry in your prayers. They can be reached at m2mmissions@gmail.com

Knowledge and wisdom in His Word

I’d like to request prayers for a missionary family that spoke at our church recently. The Oldenkamp family (Tim, Emily, and Aurelia) are college campus ministers serving in France. Please pray that God will open doors of ministry, and that student hearts will soften towards the good news. Amen!

Hello all, My son is having a very rough and tough time. He’s not sleeping at night. He’s very hyper active, loud, and destructive at home. Watching over him 24/7 for the past 7 days. These days have been really hard. Please pray for my family. Please pray for my son who needs a big time healing.

Please pray for a person who stopped attending my church. He is no longer going to church. I want to mentor him as a new believer once the Lord touches his heart to come back. I’ve tried to encourage him but right now he is not open.

Mentoring new believers in Christ is a big deal! I pray more people will step up to mentor somebody.

Please pray for Armando. He’s a member of my church. Great friend. He’s in the ICU due to an accident. Please pray for his healing. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Praise report! Armando is home from the hospital. He is still recovering. Praise God he is now able to start attending church again! Amen!

Hi! My prayer request is for a person who has walked away from Christ. I’ve spent time trying to encourage him. I’ve prayed for him. Can you all pray for him as well? Thanks!

Please pray for my daughter, she is having surgery on a blockage in her esophagus and colon.

Prayer update: She is out of the hospital and the colon blockage was removed but the esophagus is still swollen from vomiting and has to be on just soft foods for a month because it is swollen.

I would like to ask prayer for America. My prayer is that God will come back to America again. I’m praying for another “Great Awakening!” Amen!

Prayer request: I will have kidney surgery on November 3rd. Please pray for my complete healing.

Praise report: This person has sent an update stating they have gone thru the surgery, and now is on the mends. Amen!

I’d like to ask prayer for my pastor. He had a stroke. Please pray that God will completely heal him. Amen!

Good morning. I would like to ask for prayers for my nephew and his wife , Andy and Raquel, who recently lost their 16 year old son last Sunday and are going through a difficult and painful time. I pray that through this difficult time they can know the true and healing God. I also ask for your prayers so that they can find a Christian church or support team in the area where they live, Elk Grove, so they can get spiritual guidance or mentors.

Prayer update: The funeral is today, 12-20-2022 in Elk Grove which is near Sacramento. Please keep this family in prayer as they must bury their son. The family is going thru a tough time.