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Posted prayer requests

Please pray for a person who stopped attending my church. He is no longer going to church. I want to mentor him as a new believer once the Lord touches his heart to come back. I’ve tried to encourage him but right now he is not open.

Mentoring new believers in Christ is a big deal! I pray more people will step up to mentor somebody.

Please pray for Armando. He’s a member of my church. Great friend. He’s in the ICU due to an accident. Please pray for his healing. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Hi! My prayer request is for a person who has walked away from Christ. I’ve spent time trying to encourage him. I’ve prayed for him. Can you all pray for him as well? Thanks!

I would like to ask prayer for America. My prayer is that God will come back to America again. I’m praying for another “Great Awakening!” Amen!