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      Thank you for coming to our prayer wall page. This prayer wall is a place for you, the one that disciples, mentors, coaches, new followers of Jesus the opportunity to request prayer. This page allows you to request prayer for the person you’re mentoring, or prayer for yourself as you serve new followers of Jesus. Maybe you need the Lord to give you confidence, or maybe you need people to back you up in prayer because you are about to meet a new believer and you may not be sure what to say. Maybe a situation has come up in the life of the person you’re mentoring, and you need to hear from the Lord about how to proceed. This prayer wall is the place where we Christians can pray for one another as we mentor new followers of Jesus. Here is another aspect of the prayer wall. When the Lord answers your prayers, we hope that you would take the time to update your requests so everyone can see, and know the Lord is alive and is still in the business of answering prayers. Amen! Please do not add any links or attachments to other websites, try to sell anything, or add perverted content. This page is solely for the purpose of prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you in advance for your respectfulness, and mindfulness of the type of content you post in this forum. Amen!
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