We want to come along side you with helpful tools to mentor, coach, disciple new followers of Jesus. Click on the blue hyper links to access the material. The sites we’re sharing with you are sites we like a lot. Legally we can’t officially endorse any of these websites, so we ask that you prayerfully look at these sites and choose wisely.

Are you thinking about becoming a mentor? What does it take to disciple, mentor, coach a new follower of Jesus?

Biblical basis for mentoring new believers

Here are scriptural references in the bible encouraging / supporting discipling.

9 things to do when you have a new believer in your fellowship

The role of a mentor

Mentoring new believers

5 signs you’re a great mentor to new believers

Next steps for new believers

5 simple steps to mentor new believers without overworking the pastor

10 ways to disciple brand new Christians

Giving Assurance – New followers of Christ can run into doubt regarding what they believe about Jesus. This video by Lee Strobel can be a great tool to assure the person you’re mentoring that what they are learning about Jesus is true.

Mentors, how do you deal with the person you’re mentoring when they say, “I’m not sure if I’m saved.” Here are a few YouTube videos I found that might help you minister / help, the person you’re mentoring understand what it means to be born again, saved, or made right with God. Matt Chandler John Piper John MacArthur.

Joni and Friends with Joni Eareckson Tada – When you feel like life is too hard and you want to give up, take comfort knowing that even the mighty prophet Elijah fell prey to dark feelings. No one is immune to moments of depression. But trust that God will meet you in your weakness and despair. Turn to the Lord and allow him to lift you out of the darkness.

In Touch Ministries with Charles Stanley – Have you ever wondered what happens after you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior? Or, do you ever wonder what really happens to a person once they are saved? Learn what really happens when a person invites Christ into their hearts and the next steps of the Christian walk.

Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers – In order to grow as Christians, we must not minimize what the Bible has emphasized, which is starting right with believer’s baptism. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the method, meaning, and motive of baptism.

PowerPoint with Jack Graham – Today on PowerPoint, Pastor Jack Graham continues exploring the beautiful Psalms with a series titled “Songs of Inspiration.” In these messages, Pastor Graham looks at the wisdom psalms, the practical, personal application of intellect and knowledge. Join us today for the first part of “A Song for the Family” from Psalm 127.

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – Why does God allow trials in the life of the believer? God comforts us in our trials. Why? So we can feel better and go back to life as usual? No. Pastor Greg Laurie says God comforts us so we can then comfort someone else. Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING, find out how to be a comfort “receiver” and a comfort “distributor.” Be sure to listen!

Richard Ellis Talks with Richard Ellis – After becoming a Christian, the commitment you’ve made can be tested. It is important that you remain faithful to God and where He has placed you so that you do not wander off from His will. Those who are faithful will be rewarded, if not on earth than certainly in Heaven.

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