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Why Mentor New Believers? My Testimony.

When I received Christ into my life on September 13th, many years ago, a man named Gilbert Chaidez mentored me for about a year and a half.  Gilbert would spend time with me each week teaching me about my new found faith, and answering the myriad of questions I had.  Gilbert had a busy life working full time, being a husband, and raising 3 sons, but amazingly he always set time aside for me.

He also guided me through the new convert’s class.  It was my mentor/coach, Gilbert, who taught me how to prepare my first sermon.  I thankfully, and successfully avoided many of life’s pitfalls in part due to my mentor/coach.

My coach, Gilbert Chaidez, left an indelible mark upon my life, so much so that I desired to replicate what I saw in him.  In other words, I wanted to be just like my mentor/coach.  I remember asking Jesus to give me the same qualities and gifting my mentor had.  He did it!

I have severed on church staffs doing follow up of new believers, and now I’m ministering through the ministry I created called  God has allowed me to have my dream job I asked Him for over 20 years ago!  I raise up mentor/coaches to come alongside new believers to be their buddy the way Gilbert Chaidez came alongside me.

You have the amazing opportunity to influence new believers by walking alongside them, and helping them take their first steps of faith.  How awesome is that!  Imagine seeing someone being raised to maturity, and knowing Jesus allowed you to partner with Him in the process.  The church will greatly benefit when new believers live out their faith with the maturity, and understanding of who Christ is.

My story sums up what we are all about.  We come alongside new believers, and first time church guests, helping them cross over the bridge to get to where they need to be in Christ Jesus.  You just don’t know the influence you may have on the future of the people Christ brings across your path.  You could be working with the next Billy Graham, John MacArthur, Dwight Thompson, J Vernon McGee, or Kay Arthur!

On behalf of our team here at, we bless you and we anticipate your ministry will flourish because you have obeyed the calling on your life.  To God be the glory!  Thank you in advance for your commitment to serve the Lord within your calling.  It truly is a blessing, an honor, and a privilege to serve the Lord alongside you.

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